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Welcome to Aqua Tech Pool Service! We offer pool maintenance , pump repairs and pool building..

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Pool Maintenance

Don’t have time to keep up with your pool maintenance? We can do it for you! Let us add you to our schedule and your pool will always be clean! ​

Pump Repairs​

You do not have to buy a new pump if it is not working properly! We can repair pumps and resolve pool pumping issues for you.

We Build Pools!

Don’t have a pool, but it has always been your dream? We are experienced pool builders that can make that dream happen! ​


We care about our customer’s satisfaction and happiness. That is why we have no hidden fees and our maintenance requires no contract. We love to build pools and make our clients dreams come to life with a backyard oasis. Aqua Tech Pool Service are licensed contractors that can trust to do the job right the first time! When we say we can maintain your pool, we mean it.  Our team does their job well and will not waste your time by taking shortcuts. We make sure to check and test your pools chemical levels each time we visit so we can we can service your pool efficiently and safely. 

Keeping a pool clean can be hard work and most people do not have time to constantly clean and treat the water to make sure its all the appropriate balance of chemicals. Hiring a good pool service that you can trust to be thorough and trustworthy is a lifesaver if you own a pool. If you are looking for somebody that is honest and reliable you need to look no farther! Aqua Tech is known for being not only reliable and trustworthy but communicative and thorough when it comes to cleaning and repairing their customer’s pools.

Not only do we keep your water pure, but we build pools! We are licensed contractors and we love creating our clients dreams and turning their backyards into cool oasis’s for them. Our job is only done when you are satisfied with the quality of your pool! Call us today and we can come out and give you an estimate on installing a pool for you!  Don’t waste anytime but call now at 928-750-3983